We will be putting together a list of question and answers here ASAP. We are finding that we need to update this website daily, so keep coming back to see the progress.

Q: How intense/busy will we be during the tour?
A: The trip is designed to be a great value in that we prepare a full schedule with a time-specific itinerary that reduces (virtually eliminates) waiting in line. And while we encourage all participants to enjoy each venue, we respect the rights of each parent and family to decide their own level of participation.

Q: Can we take our infant/toddler on an EDventour trip?
A: Given availability on the motor coach-yes.  Please know, however, that motor coaches generally do not have seat belts.  What we have done in the past is that if parents would like to secure a car seat/booster seat to take a strap and rap it around the base and the back of the bus seat to secure the car seat or booster seat.

Q: What would I (my family) do if we decide to skip an event/venue?
A: There will only be one chance to use the motor coach to arrive and depart the city each day. It is important that all participants make these appointed times. The schedule and itinerary will be available well in advance, with times and locations posted. This will help you make a decision regarding “sitting out” an event or location and picking up with the group as we exit.

Q: Is there an additional cost if we decide to stay with “less than 4 in each room”?
A: The advertised rate for the Washington DC trip is per person and is based on 4 people per room. We recognize that this is not always possible given the different configurations of families that may decide to participate, and not always will we have “just the right number” of people to make this happen (multiples of 4…that could be a great Math problem for you middle elementary graders)! So if you are placed in a room with less than 4 we will not charge you the additional fee, however if you choose to stay in a room with less than 4, there will be an additional charge per person.
Q: Will there be an opportunity to purchase souvenirs?
A: Yes, we plan a stop that coincides with our events, as it occurs along the walking path between locations.

Q: How will the transportation in and around DC work?
A: A motor coach will be dropping us off at a prescribed destination each morning and returning to pick us up each evening/night to take us back to the hotel on days that we are in DC.  We will check out of our rooms on Thursday morning to load the bus and proceed into the city for a full day of touring.

Q: Is there a specific age range for whom the tour is designed?
A: The tour is best suited to upper elementary (grade 5+) through high school. There is a good amount of walking each day. The content (history and civics), and especially the Holocaust Museum is geared for more mature students.


One thought on “FAQ’s”

  1. Heidi,
    The short answer is YES. We’re planning another Gettysburg/DC trip for April, 2014, so we need to get the word out so that we can have a large enough group to take advanatage of the group discounts that make these trips affordable. Are you a member of a group or an organization that might be interested in getting together to make this happen? Ideally, we’d like to have 50-54 people. Some advance planning is necessary–additionally, I always like to plan by having our member of Congress know that we’ll be in town, and their schedule is sometimes filled way in advance. We are willing to provide a complimentary trip to a group facilitator for every 25 participants. We are willing to come and present a “primer” for the group to get a better understanding of what the trip involves-a PowerPoint presentation and a Q&A.
    Thanks for your interest.
    Randy Hazenberg, HeadEDventourer

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