West MI Home School-NE Classical Conversations May 7-11, 2018!

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Picture Yourself in DC This Spring!

Join head EDventourer, Randy Hazenberg, MEd on another family-friendly, God-honoring, faith-building, history-learning, life-altering AND extreme value, 5 day, 4 night trip to our nation’s Capital (and so much more)!
Education really can be narrowed down to two components: 1-gaining knowledge, and 2- skill development; and when we engage as many of our senses as possible, the learning can be profound! That is why we not only experience many historically significant places, but we do so within a context of themes and values designed to shape the character of our youth AND within a group setting where we can do some “one-anothering” as well.
Value: $429 pp! Changed lives: Priceless!
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This family-friendly experience will be an excellent integration of this year’s social studies, civics and history lessons as the sights, sounds and interaction with historical places will make your child’s learning come to life!

Re-enact Pickett’s charge! See the scars of battle as we’ll point out bullet holes in residential homes in and around Gettysburg.

Experience the state-of art, newly reconditioned Cyclorama (an in-the-round multimedia show) depicting the battle of Gettysburg. Visit the graveyard and stand where President Lincoln gave his most famous speech. We’ll have a guided tour of the battleground from a local guide who will help us relive the most costly battle fought on American soil!

Ride to the top of the Washington Monument, visit the war memorials and presidential monuments. Witness the changing of the guard at Arlington, and relive the trauma of WWII as we visit the Holocaust museum-dedicated to preserving the memory of the devastating effects of evil…when left unchecked.


We’ll visit Ford’s Theatre museum and take a National Park service guided tour of the theater and The Petersen House where President Lincoln died on that fateful night of April 14,1865.

We also do our best to schedule an evening tour of the US Capitol Building with our congressman, where we may be able to witness Congress in session. And there really is much more. Check out the robust list of attractions, events and historic places that you will experience.
We are looking forward to meeting with you to answer your questions and communicate about this excellent EDventour!


Randy & Irene Hazenberg


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Quick Guide to the US Constitution

It seems that everything has to be “fast” these days! So here’s EDventours Quick Guide to the US Constitution…but it’s only here to remind you that we’ll take several hours at the National Archives building which is full of interesting archived historical stuff…sure the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are here, but there are also temporary and loaned displays of other great things like the Magna Carta and a pair of Shaq’s size 22 basketball shoes!

US Constitution Quick Guide