About EDventours in Learning

This is where we’d like to communicate who we truly are and how we want to engage those who will become our friends and partners in educating our children through Edventours. Having a Christ-centered perspective in absolutely everything we do is foundational to who we are and what we desire to do; so having a logo with an image that puts “the cross” at the center reminds us, and communicates to you, that we believe the words of Matthew 6:33 to be at the very heart of our beliefs and, we pray, our actions as well…seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to let us communicate to you what we believe is a blessing to the Christian education community. We’ve put together a unique opportunity for students AND families to participate in valuable education experiences. I am the former administrator and teacher at Christian schools in Michigan, and my wife–a homeschool mom and events coordinator for the GRACE Homeschool community of Grand Rapids-have over 25 years of experience in providing quality events. EDventours in Learning is providing education tours to various destinations (Washington DC/Gettysburg/Creation Museum, etc.). We package them with curriculum resources, engaging activities and a group dynamic to provide a robust learning experience for all involved.
Currently we are planning our fourth year of trip building and partnering to quality destinations like Washington DC and Gettysburg. We are continuing to build our website that will provide more information. Please help by forwarding this information to schools and families who may want to take advantage of what we believe are excellent values and exciting learning experiences (for all ages)!

Follow the links and the tabs to find out more!


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