GRACE Greenfield Village Field Trip (SIGN UP HERE)

GRACE sponsored Field Trip
Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village
Thursday, May 15
(Register online here) follow this link:

Join GRACE Admin. Randy Hazenberg on a trip to America’s Premier Historical Education venue! Greenfield Village is Henry Ford’s creation (an enigma in that his visionary assembly-line production pushed American culture headlong into the industrial age, and yet he yearned for the “good ole days” of his youth in the late 1800′s). Henry Ford’s conundrum is our treat. Greenfield Village is where US History comes alive!


Go the the website to see all that it has to offer:

Here’s just one activity (out of a huge assortment of venues and experiences-really, too many to list here!):

Laura’s Little Town
May 5 – June 6, 2014
Dramatic Presentation in Greenfield Village. Meet young Laura Ingalls before she became a teacher in this 15-minute show celebrating Little Town on the Prairie. Hear some of Laura’s favorite stories about her family’s time in DeSmet, South Dakota including the return of Nellie Oleson and the first time she met Almanzo Wilder. (Near Scotch Settlement School

There is also a tremendous assortment of activities for older students—to high school and beyond! The Henry Ford/Greenfield Village website has a huge amount of education resources that you can access online that can be used (either with or without a trip):

Details: depart HSB @ 7am, return (after dinner stop on the way home) @ 9-10pm

Cost: $35 includes admission/deluxe motor coach transportation

Sign-up: We need at least 50 participants to get the group rate and transportation discounts (we’ll open this up to GRACE families first-sign up by May 2-and then to the Home School community to fill the motor coach). Follow this link to the registration page for this event:

Payment: Make check payable to Edventours send check to:
1546 Franklin SE
Grand Rapids, MI
(or drop off at GRACE on Friday)

Here are a few great resources to “prime the intellectual pump”

45 minute biography

2 hour biography-extremely well done biography of Henry Ford:

Michigan Home School Spring 2014 Trip to Washington DC & Gettysburg

WashHHad2014Join us for another memory-filled trip to the nation’s Capitol and the most celebrated battlefield in our nation’s history-Gettysburg!

This year we will once again take in the sights and sounds at a great time of year.

Washington DC WEATHER: Average low: 49 Average High: 70 Ave Precip: 2.77/0.09  (second lowest mo) Ave Snow: 0 Dress in layers. It should be a great time to be in DC; Cherry blossoms probably will have bloomed and shed, but with low humidity, low historic chance of rain, and great weather for walking the monuments and getting to the museums and venues, we should have a great time!

Follow this link to the registration page:
We will need all registrations complete by March 1. There will be an information meeting on Friday, February 28. Space is limited. Sign up now!

Here are some great links to get you thinking about, and preparing with information that you can use to teach and learn: WashingtonDC Interactive Map:
Holocaust Museum:
National Archives:
Wash DC GoingOutGuide-Museums:,sortSpecifier_Name,categories_Museums.html  National Park Service-Gettysburg:

EDventours Launches Lifelong Learning Tour-series #1


Lifelong Learning Tour
Recognizing that life’s richness is not be something we can measure–but that it can be enhanced through building relationships and by learning more about how God continues to weave His story of grace and salvation through His providence and creation–Edventours is introducing the Lifelong Learning Tour Series! These tours are being designed for Seniors who are active and desire to spend quality time with others at quality destinations at a great price!

Hosts, Randy and Irene Hazenberg take their combined years of experience in event-planning, education leadership and education-related tours to the next level with custom tours that are designed to provide comfort, value and an excellent environment for entertaining learning and gracious fellowship.

Our first tour is scheduled for late August. We will be enjoying the United States premier attraction of historical significance (plus it’s a fun place to be)–The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI.

Sit in the very bus that Rosa Parks “took her stand” and listen to the drama unfold as you are taken back to the turbulent civil rights activities of the 50-60′s; See the presidents’ limousines from the early 1900′s to the present; visit a working glass blowing factory, and take a stroll down the “Drive America” display to see the major impact of that which makes us unique as Americans—our love of liberty–expressed through our love of travel.

Check out the Henry Ford website: for complete details of all the attractions and opportunities.


Check out this season’s special exhibit that focuses on the pomp and popularity of the phenomena of the World Fairs of the 1930′s. The glamour and glitz; the promises of prosperity; the taunts of technology and industry all come alive in an award-winning exhibition that takes you back to a time quite similar to today in its sense of a what the future holds attitude that gripped the world!


There will be additional opportunities* for those interested in taking the River Rouge Factory tour to witness Henry Ford’s contribution to the building of America-the assembly line, watch a full-length IMAX movie presentation, and ride an authentic ModelT and steam locomotive.

This will be a full day of engaging activities, comfortable accommodations and great fellowship (even and coffee and doughnut reception for our early departure) All for just $70 per person*! Don’t miss out on this great value–seating is limited [55]–so register now!

*Additional opportunities incur additional fees.

Dearborn Christian…Springs into DC 2013!

The 7th and 8th grade students of Dearborn Christian, along with several parents will be taking a trip to Gettysburg and Washingtion DC in April/May.

Touted as a Celebration Tour-and part of the Last Chapter of a Book Well-Written as DCS will be paring down its K-8 operations to an expanded PreSchool at the end of this academic year–these classes are busy learning about the some of the venues, monuments, museums and historic places that we’ll visit through an intensive 3rd quarter Social Studies unit entitled “DCS Top Ten Events in American History.” The students were asked to research, collaborate and provide their idea of the ten most important events in the history of the United States. We then compiled the lists (there were four teams that provided separate lists); from there we’ve been researching the cross section of events that make up U.S. history (the students did a great job of selecting–and gave outstanding reasons for their selections). You can check out their lists by clicking on this link:


Check back in May as we’ll have photos and more blog-worthy stuff to include about our Spring trip. And let me know if you and your school would like to talk about a similar experience where I could provide the resources, or even come in and teach (I love to teach) in preparation for this awesome experience—think studying the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Civil War…and then going to engage the students with them live and in person!

I’ve created a growing resource bank of excellent websites and proven lesson plans that engage students, effectively use technology, and focus on 21st century skills; collaborate, communicate, and create through critical thinking and problem-solving activities.

Call me! 616-450-0083
Happy EDventouring!

Quick Guide to the US Constitution

It seems that everything has to be “fast” these days! So here’s EDventours Quick Guide to the US Constitution…but it’s only here to remind you that we’ll take several hours at the National Archives building which is full of interesting archived historical stuff…sure the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are here, but there are also temporary and loaned displays of other great things like the Magna Carta and a pair of Shaq’s size 22 basketball shoes!

US Constitution Quick Guide

New EDventours TAB…Featured Venues

Check out the new “Features” tab (above in the black area). We’ll be updating this with various links, news, and items of interest regarding the places we visit. At present, we’re featuring a link to the Library of Congress. I was able to visit the LOC this past spring on our trip to DC and found that it is not only a beautiful structure, it is also a huge resource for engaged learning! There is a link for teachers, students, researchers and more!

The LOC is currently featuring a special exhibit on the library of Thomas Jefferson, along with a special Civil War photography exhibit. They have current and revolving exhibits that chronicle a wide variety of American culture and history.

Click on the TAB and find a link to access!

Registration Pages-TBA

We’ll be using this tab to offer online registration for all of our future trips.

Follow the link to the I’m Interested tab to register your interest and provide information on your availability (month/year) by completing a brief online form.

As we schedule trips, we will put the online registration form here and direct you via email to come to register. Thank you for your interest in EDventours, we are tweaking our marketing and planning efforts to better serve you. Return often for updates, new edventours, and/or provide input into trips you think would be a great edventour (there is a place to do so on the I’m Interested tab as well!

Keep Edventouring!
Blessings, Randy & Irene